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Kate with long curly brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Wearing her gorgeous Ski outfit that comes complete with a jacket, trousers gloves and boots. All set for the winter weather.

CHARLOTTE with shoulder length brown layered hair and gorgeous brown eyes, wearing her beautiful brown riding outfit. Charlotte loves horse riding, her dream is to work as a horse trainer. She spends her evenings at the stables cleaning out for her horse Fable. Together they love to spend time trotting through the fields and exploring. Fable loves when Emily plaits his mane and tail. Their friendship is so important to them both.

Olivia with her beautiful long straight baby blonde hair with piercing blue eyes, she comes complete in her purple ruffle dress and black patent bow shoes.

SOPHIE her stunning long curly auburn hair and beautiful brown eyes give her a unique look. Wearing her pale pink ballet outfit, Sophie is always practicing for her recital with her ballet bar, being  a ballerina is all Sophie thinks about. Her dream is to star in the swan lake and to dance for the Royal ballet academy.


EMILY her beautiful short caramel curly locks and chocolate brown eyes really make her stand out from the crowd. Wearing her stunning cream pink roses dress with silver and pink rose bud shoes. Emily loves fashion and one day hopes to work as a fashion designer. Her love for fashion gives her  great confidence when choosing her outfit. She doesn’t always get it right but knows that all you have to do is keep trying to succeed.


Niamh with long curly red hair and emerald green eyes, wearing her trendy hoodie and jeans. Niamh loves history after all she was named after Niamh from the old Irish fable Tír Na nÓg. A story that Niamh loves to share with her friends all about the land of eternal youth. Niamh is a great storyteller and one day hopes to write her own book. Knowledge is our greatest tool and Niamh wants to learn as much as she can.


Molly O’Reilly Say Hello to Molly O’Reilly. Molly was born in Gardner street, in the heart of Dublin city in 1900. Molly was an exceptional girl and at the tender age of 11 joined the republican girl scouts, at 13 Molly worked voluntarily to support the families of the Dublin lock out and helped organize a soup kitchen in liberty hall. Molly became a member of the Irish Citizen army and her proudest moment was raising the flag at Liberty hall one week before the Easter Rising for James Connolly. On Easter Monday 1916 Molly marched with the Citizen army to occupy the GPO, she fearlessly carried notes for the leaders in and out of GPO during Easter Week in the midst of heavy rifle and machine gun fire. Molly o Reilly was an extraordinary girl, she helped those in need, stood strong and fought for what she believed in. Treasured dolls salutes Molly o Reilly and the brave girls of 1916.


Doll 16, Our beautiful fair skin doll 16 with piercing blue eyes, and long curly red hair and left side parting, wearing her gorgeous long sleeved dress with underskirt. Beautiful scalloped edge with traditional Celtic design. Black soft Irish Dancing shoes with laces. Matching Celtic hairband to keep her dolls hair neat and tidy. Finished off with a cute black bag to hold everything in.




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